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  • What gratitude really is and how to do it the "right" way
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Gratitude is one of the best practices to gain more fulfilment in your life and enhance your business. It's a good thing to do and best of all--it's FREE!!!

So many people have tried gratitude and simply gone through the motions. The good news is there is a way to give gratitude and make it a powerful, meaningful experience. 

That's what the Gratitude Guide will share with you!


When you do gratitude, good things may start happening in your life. You may improve your health and well-being; you may encounter opportunities in work and business; you may have more fun with your friends, family and actually have even more FUN in your life! If these are things you DO NOT WANT, this guide is NOT for you!

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Larisa is a savvy, sought-after speaker, Master Results Coach, educator and author of the upcoming book "Stop Procrastinating Your Life Away: Discover The Secrets To More Time, Money & Freedom."

A masterful student and teacher of supreme excellence, Larisa is ruthlessly compassionate and helps you bring out the best you’ve got. Whether you want to exceed your wildest expectations or get more profit in your life, Larisa’s the person to go to. 

She’s highly qualified and holds designations as a Certified PGI Consultant, Master Results Coach, Master of Time Line Therapy, Trainer and Institute Head of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy.

In her downtime, you’ll find Larisa creating adventures through travel (as permitted), tapping into nature in cottage country, enjoying the nooks and crannies of Toronto and living her active and best life with her husband and young son.

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